Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shenzhen Julong year launched China's first six-generation LCD line

From Shenzhen Julong Photoelectric Co., Ltd. (the "Parc Royale") investment in the domestic first sixth-generation LCD production line, drawn in to start this year, now is located in Shenzhen, leaving Cave Industrial Zone, Xili, feasibility study report is preparing to obtain approval.

Yesterday, Secretary of the Board Zhang Julong over China in the acceptance of "First Financial Daily" interview revealed this Julong launched the sixth generation line will mainly produce 32-inch, 37-inch LCD TV screen, the design capacity of about 700 million pieces / year 2008 is expected to supply products on the market.

Earlier this year, domestic color TV four giant TCL, Skyworth, Konka, Changhong for the first time into the upper LCD panel together, they have the background of the Shenzhen Municipal Government's "deep super-company" jointly set up a "Julong." In late April, the only company with TFT-LCD (liquid crystal display) core technology and independent intellectual property rights of enterprises - BOE, in order to increase their investment in the way of formal joining Julong, effectively promoting the progress of the project.

And settled in Foshan, Chi Mei projects before, settled in Guangzhou, LG-Philips project is different is that this sixth-generation line Julong is building the first sixth-generation TFT-LCD "whole process" production line, rather than just a simple module factory. However, as the BOE Julong technology investor, had just built in Beijing, a fifth-generation line.

Some people doubt whether the cross Julong technology related. In this regard, Zhang Man-hua told reporters the current Five online BOE has been successfully mass production of the 20.1-inch and 26-inch LCD TV screen, this sixth-generation line to build the technical basis.

Also, several TV industry Julong shareholders that the next few years 32-inch, 37-inch LCD TV will become the mainstream product, so the final decision Julong launched the sixth generation TFT-LCD line.

Investment needed to build a sixth-generation line of more than 20 billion dollars heavily. Zhang Man-hua told reporters, Julong are to banks, shareholders, government and other aspects of fund-raising.

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