Monday, October 18, 2010

GPS positioning world

Pod Defense Department spent 12 billion U.S. dollars into the global positioning system (GPS) application has not limited its military or commercial areas, scientists began using the technology to explore the broader universe of truth.

In ancient times, the location of the sun and the stars position and the time for people to judge the basic identity. October 4, 1957, the former Soviet Union successfully launched the "Voyager" was man-made Earth satellite, then the scientists quickly realized the significance of human satellite is much more than the event itself, because these satellites can be used for global communications or navigation.

Since 1978, the U.S. Rockwell manufactured 24 "Navstar'''satellite continued to climb, a GPS system constitutes the most important part. Each satellite about the size of a truck, around the Earth every 12 hours week, they can ensure the distribution of the sky anywhere on earth who can at any time and at least four satellites to maintain radio contact. GPS system initially used in military field, but later in all participating companies jointly request, start gradually to the commercial and civil sectors. Nowadays people are living in their native place even if you can know the location, the GPS experience the benefits of more and more. now GPS receivers and mobile phones on the same size, and the price is not high . lost the person who hands a GPS receiver, you can at any time and around the earth 24 to contact the Global Positioning System satellites to identify their exact location and exact time.

In addition, a number of GPS users also surprised to find some of its other uses. Astute scientists have discovered, GPS can detect movement and as an excellent tool for observing changes in the world.

If the researchers used GPS receivers to a fixed-point sequential reads data, it can track the movement, such as volcanic lava under the action of the internal swelling, or breaking off from the Antarctic continental shelf on the movement of the iceberg situation. Increase the number of receivers (higher precision), the exact location of the GPS with the known fixed base station signal as a reference, you can clearly capture objects 1 / 10 in. The sudden movement, and its real-time monitoring. With this technology, scientists can "heaven of people to" explore a lot of our original dynamic process is not very clear.

The wind swinging bridge in Hong Kong Tsing Ma Bridge is the world's longest suspension bridge length of 2,200 meters, the main bridge span up to 1377 meters, two crane tower 206 meters, 62 meters from the sea. Bridge can withstand strong typhoons hit, shaking bridge up to a few feet away, but quickly passed the train bridge main span will result in production of about half a meter up and down vibration. However, shaking the bridge can not be too severe, if the bridge side of the trunk put more than 5 meters, the bridge's steel beams and slings noodles would be the same as distorted and bent.

In order to take preventive measures, monitoring of the Tsing Ma Bridge and technical personnel to use the GPS sensor array of three-dimensional position on the bridge for real-time monitoring. They sling the bridge deck and bridge towers installed 14 GPS receiver, the receiver Used cable connected up to several kilometers. These sensors per second will be sent to the central host computer 10 times their spatial location information. While the other two fixed points on the installation of the GPS sensor is also sent back data to the host computer, the host computer to correct the data to reduce the error. This allows the spatial location of the bridge accurately displayed, the level of error of less than 1 cm, the vertical error is less than 2 centimeters. Computer can calculate the wind speed and direction, and all parts of the bridge estimated the stress and load conditions, so that maintenance personnel can easily arrange for repairs and maintenance. Before installing this system, the bridge condition monitoring personnel have also considered other sensing devices, but they currently do not attain this effect. Observed volcanic activity on other planets scientists have never observed the field on the planet Venus or other volcanic eruptions. They only know that in ancient times where there have been volcanic eruptions, but magma flow rate, viscosity and many other circumstances no way of knowing. Venus is now not able to survey the surface of the ground equipment. So scientists can only find on Earth with alternative substances similar study, then the Earth's surface material and the satellite photos were then analyzed satellite photos of other planets, in order to analyze the situation of a distant planet inferred. Earth observation satellite images in the time, scientists have found that two New Mexico up to 40-50 km of the magma flow to them geographer named Car-rizozo and McCartys. Such a long lava flow is rare on Earth, but Venus is a very typical situation. The temperature of Venus is much higher than the earth, magma flow length and retention time longer than on Earth.

The researchers collected information on these two lava flows thousands of copies of GPS data, a lava flow in many different locations, accurate terrain profile information. The magma flows through lots of altitude, slope and other topographical information can help geologists understand the magma viscosity, and thus can determine the composition of magma and the flow speed. Carrizozo and McCartys the middle of these two lava flows of low viscosity, while the periphery is greater viscosity, so the magma flow is characterized by two intermediate velocity, which is difficult cooling, the edge velocity slow cooling speed. GPS data also show that the solidification of the magma shell hidden under a singular phenomenon, including the center of a lava lava flow pipeline, the pipeline allows for up to 15 kilometers of magma from the melting state to maintain. Researchers do not yet know whether that Venus magma pipe, this is a very attractive research content. If there is no high-precision GPS measurement technology, researchers may simply not going to study this issue, the only way to understand this all is to observe personally went down to dangerous places, but even the researchers to stay where a volcanic eruption may not have personally observed Such findings.

Marine barometer of change in the ocean far away from the mainland in more than 60 km in diameter in the great vortex stirring constantly with sea water, deep sea water over the ocean to bring food and nourishment, and the remains of marine organisms volume to the cold, dark bottom. Marine scientists believe that these vortex between marine and terrestrial carbon cycle plays a vital role, but no actual observation data to prove it, because nobody can close the huge whirlpool.

U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the French space agency joint venture construction of Topex / Poseidon satellite altimeter and other research, they can feature on the characterization of vortex fluctuations in surface height measurements.

However, in a distance of 7 km of the sea within, the land of make Topex data chaos. In addition, Topex orbit the earth every 10 days will be a circle, swirl may drift during this time to another location, which has had research inconvenienced. But the GPS does not happen, it can be oriented on the target surface and will not be tracking the impact of the land, but also the state of the global ocean real-time monitoring 24 hours a day.

In order to understand the ups and downs of GPS test the effect of sea water, the researchers of a volcano in the U.S. state of Oregon conducted a series of experiments on the lake. GPS receivers they will be placed in 450-meter-high cliff. Rock cliffs and tranquil lake water into 44 degree angle, so that the receiver readings to provide a wide range of elevation. Sensor to capture the lake reflected GPS signal, then the time and GPS signal transmission line to reach the receiver compares the time, then calculate the height of the water around the lake, the error does not exceed 2.5 cm. In California, the sea near the oil drilling platform also conducted a similar experiment, also achieved good results.

GPS can reveal not only the ocean swirl of mystery. Researchers are studying the use of this technology to monitor global warming caused by rising sea levels. Scientists have generally rely on tide meter for monitoring, but this method only on inshore area changing effective. But the use of GPS system is different, some scientists believe that in the next two to three years on top of the mountain, or tall buildings to install the GPS receiver. This can be very easy on the coast 20 kilometers from the sea outside the continuous monitoring, in addition to access to more accurate data, it can also save a lot of funding.

Early warning systems earthquake seismologists commonly used instrument, the ground tilt meter, strain gauges and other equipment to monitor the earth's crust slightly shaking and rolling, in order to provide early warning of earthquakes. However, these instruments can only be monitored to those faster (in minutes or a few seconds) and the obvious shock, not able to predict the earth's crust after a few weeks or months, a slight earthquake shock. Geographical Survey Institute of Japan now use a system called Geonet to collect this type of early warning data, the system is a distributed all over the country composed of more than 1000 GPS receivers geographic information network. These sensors placed an average of one every 40 km, the distribution of unstable regions in the crust to be more intensive number. Each GPS receiver are placed in the 4.5-meter stainless steel column, the receiver is also equipped with a once every 30 seconds to capture the satellite signal receiving antenna. Data obtained from the sensor can calculate the amplitude level of the crust is less than O. 25 cm of movement, so Geonet other methods can not be detected to detect the small vibrations.

Geonet recently detected near Nagoya, Japan's fourth largest abnormal crustal movement. Nagoya is the Philippine plate with the Eurasian plate subduction zone west of the city's surface each year about 2.5 cm offset. From January 2001 began, the city began with the same speed in the opposite direction of migration. If this phenomenon occurred in a relatively short period of time if a strong earthquake could erupt at any time. This phenomenon is a dangerous signal, but for the study of plate movement for geographers, it is a very useful material. While it is not sure what will happen next, but at least this GPS system to raise awareness of the problem. Summary of GPS system cost by the U.S. Department of Defense established 12 billion U.S. dollars, which is designed mainly for military field, but was forced from the GPS device design manufacturing company, the pressure, the U.S. Department of Defense agreed to GPS systems for business. First operational satellite launch in 1978, 1993, all 24 satellites are already in place. GPS systems in many areas now have access to a wide range of applications, its functionality is now not limited to personal information to provide the location and time. Have this technology, we have the truth of the universe a further step. GPS system of the future is promising to bring the dream of technological progress is endless.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shenzhen Julong year launched China's first six-generation LCD line

From Shenzhen Julong Photoelectric Co., Ltd. (the "Parc Royale") investment in the domestic first sixth-generation LCD production line, drawn in to start this year, now is located in Shenzhen, leaving Cave Industrial Zone, Xili, feasibility study report is preparing to obtain approval.

Yesterday, Secretary of the Board Zhang Julong over China in the acceptance of "First Financial Daily" interview revealed this Julong launched the sixth generation line will mainly produce 32-inch, 37-inch LCD TV screen, the design capacity of about 700 million pieces / year 2008 is expected to supply products on the market.

Earlier this year, domestic color TV four giant TCL, Skyworth, Konka, Changhong for the first time into the upper LCD panel together, they have the background of the Shenzhen Municipal Government's "deep super-company" jointly set up a "Julong." In late April, the only company with TFT-LCD (liquid crystal display) core technology and independent intellectual property rights of enterprises - BOE, in order to increase their investment in the way of formal joining Julong, effectively promoting the progress of the project.

And settled in Foshan, Chi Mei projects before, settled in Guangzhou, LG-Philips project is different is that this sixth-generation line Julong is building the first sixth-generation TFT-LCD "whole process" production line, rather than just a simple module factory. However, as the BOE Julong technology investor, had just built in Beijing, a fifth-generation line.

Some people doubt whether the cross Julong technology related. In this regard, Zhang Man-hua told reporters the current Five online BOE has been successfully mass production of the 20.1-inch and 26-inch LCD TV screen, this sixth-generation line to build the technical basis.

Also, several TV industry Julong shareholders that the next few years 32-inch, 37-inch LCD TV will become the mainstream product, so the final decision Julong launched the sixth generation TFT-LCD line.

Investment needed to build a sixth-generation line of more than 20 billion dollars heavily. Zhang Man-hua told reporters, Julong are to banks, shareholders, government and other aspects of fund-raising.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Huang Guangyu of "money power" and the weak power

Wong Kwong Yu held a hearing the case must, so far, the former chairman of the CPPCC Guangdong Province, Chen Shaoji, former secretary of Zhejiang Province Wang Huayuan Commission for Discipline Inspection, the former assistant minister Zheng Shaodong and other senior officials involved in Lok Ma. Media has also reported the Shanghai Public Security Bureau Deputy Director Zhu Ying involved in the original case, has formally Beixing Ju. It has been commented that the case proved Huang Guangyu evil capital. If for an observation point, you can also emotion, buying power is not difficult.

A balanced, the discourse, the money does not matter good or bad, the key is how people look at it to use it.

Huang Guangyu was once the richest man in China, he had the money. It should be said, he is largely wealth through hard work, this successful entrepreneur is a subsidiary of Gome to provide a sales platform for many enterprises, providing jobs for many people. Huang Guangyu of money into the business after the circulation, it becomes a form of social capital, which has brought wealth to Huang Guangyu, also greatly increased the social welfare. In this aspect, money, performance is good.

But the money as an equivalent, it can be used to buy, including the purchase and should not be bought. Not the money have to buy something it should not be bought, but those who master the use of money, money, evil. Huang Guangyu prosecution on allegations of insider trading alleged crimes and mainly bribery. NCTU, Wang Hua Yuan, Zheng Shaodong, specifically, how involved in the case, the current lack of information, not conclusive. But these were mostly in politics and law, the discipline inspection system, they do things for Huang Guangyu, probably backing for his illegalities. Naturally, this indispensable, none of the money trading.

Through money trading, Huang Guangyu to buy some of their power, then power the system right up to a small pump made a fortune purposes. In time, the first money evil, then evil power. In the power of evil, the money that much more evil. Huang Guangyu have money, but in the power assisted, the capital is possible to develop in the direction of evil. States set rules of the game, in Huang Guangyu before mean nothing. In addition to bribery, if convicted of more crimes Huang Guangyu, it must be the result of collusion between money and power.

Capital evil, Huang is an example of the financial crisis on Wall Street is an example. The capital strength of the bourgeois democratic revolutionary Sun Yat-sen stands for "restraint." However, the relationship between capital and power, I see some differences between Chinese and foreign. Wall Street out of a group of Ju Pian, these Jupian escape government regulation, herself rich, investors have been a calamity. In which the U.S. government's responsibility is to "lack of supervision", there is no official involvement. As the richest man in jail while Huang Guangyu, yet a number of officials at dragged into the water, safe to say, the power of money itself has become complicit in evil.

Huang Guangyu case reminds us that we must guard against the power of capital, while the Government has to do is to strengthen market regulation and supervision, including a strong regulatory capital flows. In order to regulate the market and regulatory capital, we must first regulate the power to effectively monitor the operation of power. The huge bribes from the corrupt officials, I saw the prosperity of trading power for money; from corrupt officials take much money, I see the power being sold to fraudsters, but was sold to fraudsters in the power behind the power is clearly a "no primary "state.

Huang Guangyu to be tried, dismissed from their posts corrupt officials to be tried, is also a reflection of power transactions. Control of capital is some vulnerability of the people, so to control the capital. In power is someone who vulnerability, so they will have control of power. If unchecked power to the giant U.S. entrepreneurs with capital, would not be necessary to lower-ranking officials to unseat? Impose penalties on corrupt officials, this is a way to control power. More critical is the focus on power itself.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thunder's humor: the content of our nearly 100% Genuine

"Thunderbolt of the genuine rate is almost close to 100%." Yesterday, Thunder COO Luo people, a news conference in Shenzhen, the anti-piracy alliance to respond to the allegations.

This outburst, the presence of journalists are all private Xu Xi, try to figure out the Thunder has been driven to revolt is so Koubuzeyan, why use this figure to disgraced itself, perhaps this is the Thunder's humor has always been, as he likes in his The site was shocked to write "genuine issue of platform."

A reporter's laughter: "Thunderbolt should go to the next venue to see, there is a table arrayed with more than 20 copies of the court's public certificate is evidence of their pirated movies."

Just next door to the venue, the anti-piracy alliance is proof, superior to Ding Shao Peng Pollock said in his speech: "Thunder is about 90% piracy rate, the video industry's most crazy pirates. At present, evidence of excellent friends Bullock piracy film 369, the first sent to 100 cases of litigation, the day before yesterday in Shenzhen Nanshan district court placed on file. "

Union lawyers announced Hao xia "Thunder has been made to see evidence of pirated movies include:" Fight Back to School, "" Flirting Scholar "," Hail the Judge "," Confession of Pain, "" Heroes, "" King of Comedy "" 瀹夊涓庢鏋?"," passion "," 97 Films are, "" The Lady Iron Chef, "" Ghost eyes Interpol "," My wife is a gambler, "" holy bird "," Sparrow, "" Long Live Love "," small war elephant "," sharp shooters "," Invisible Target "," Miss Mermaid "and so on."

Counsel also stressed: "This is a large scale website, including Thunder Thunder Thunder dog look and defenders of two sites, means of protection, including the civil and administrative complaints for the first time a large number of prosecutions of video is 100, on Youku After the fight we put a lot of power, of the Thunder web videos made preservation of evidence, to make preservation of evidence so far yesterday morning Thunder online video more than 128, we selected 100 "

In addition, Chupin Fang has also issued a statement after another to the Thunder, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., Paramount Pictures Group, the United States Sony Pictures Entertainment (China) Co., Ltd. have crusade against the pirates:

Even if the evidence, legal and trial, Thunder still insists that their rate is nearly 100% genuine, "no one read the madness of Thunder: vertical is your evidence, I can turn a blind eye. You say no, I said, to say how easy it is. thieves, theft, also "Pirates of the reasons."

Perhaps aware of the brain just hot and crazy, Thunder mouth out rate is nearly 100% genuine obscurity, the guilty conscience calm down immediately added that "the identification of copyright is a very complex and specialized matters, inevitably there will be some small defects. " Well, this small flaw, but is only 369 tort film, all you arty laity, really surprised, and would like to buy then no copyright are still able to do favoritism.

Thunder is not a mess, comebacks played very beautiful, not only there a little "small errors" "100%", there is a done enough homework in the "vintage old scores."

On the 28th day, Thunder drafted a "Ten Questions Sohu, excellent friends Pollock" false alliance "counter book and intercept at the venue to attend a press conference the anti-piracy coalition, the document's strong hands stuffed. The old account very carefully done, sounds about some well known old stories, a patchwork quilt can Honghao Cheng Wen.

Industry commented that Is Thunder can not see the perspective of development problem? Out how convincing the old accounts, anti-piracy awareness from scratch, from weak to strong in the process, defenders and pirates is the contradiction increasingly polarized, and this is the entire video industry, the development process. Union reported that the current counts of Thunder, Thunder has old scores to take a piece of paper with the court's public certificate 20 PK, who wins? Clear if you can wash yourself, no piracy can be reported, I believe they will welcome you as anti- Piracy Union, a member of.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Contact Home Linkist then the new tactics: to provide professional exhibition space

Recently, with hundreds of thousands of business people to contact the home contacts site Linkist more than in the dormant after the introduction of "professional personal exhibition space", for business people to provide a very professional display of live venues.

Linkist ago, many people do their own personal website. But need to know html to do a site should also prepare detailed materials, know how to plan, daily busy business people are often discouraged. Please specialized companies to do business web site it, then do the difficult problem facing the promotion.

Linkist contact the family to provide timely "personal exhibition space", using the convenient Add / management, so do not understand Web site produced by busy business people can also make a colorful page. I tried to follow the instructions to do a lap, hey, do not have a few minutes, add a few links, a fresh professional image it immediately!

For a Linkist personal space is very simple. Normal use as long as a member, you can apply for similar so easy to remember the personal domain. Domain application is successful, you can edit the contents of their own show.

I like the business people, your Blog is sure to be included in personal display inside. Add found, Linkist intimate provide an online RSS reading capabilities. This is just great, just normal Blog's RSS import, personal space immediately read the latest papers!

Try to love reading his news RSS link also import, hey, it shows. Really easy.

As to the writing of the manuscript throughout, scattered throughout the inconvenience in using RSS import, Linkist also provided hand-edit the text and hyperlinks, for taking the time to his recently made a few proud manuscript order, which can be considered under the broad masses of friends and Readers Yougejiaodai.

In addition to these show their expertise related to life functions related information, seeing their own personal space page, I was a bit surprised Linkist "additional services": the personal space and general information only to show their different, Linkist personal space This left all surprised to display the clock distribution. Obviously, this trick has highlighted the SNS (social networking) and general dating site different. Perhaps the author himself is not enough to make attractive, but if I have a lot of people who clock cycle an important figure in important industries, but also still very valuable.

Also see a member, probably business owners, we simply made his own personal space for the company's services provided, not bad.

Personal work information, and sometimes three to five years not change. But everyone's thinking, like all books, professional development, may change every week.

Long time no see friends, meet will be used: "How are you, how are things" to say hello. Linkist's personal space, apparently acted as the greet, talk to the latest features of recent developments and business opportunities.

According to relevant sources, update personal space for each member, Linkist will promptly notify his friends. Not linked to concern for a long time friend, simply open his personal space to see, you can know what he is doing, getting on well, what the two sides can discuss opportunities for cooperation. Linkist in providing connections to search, it provides such strong connections to emotional communication tool, so my friends can share their business opportunities and recent developments.

I use past experience in Linkist occasionally find someone, usually by people to find. The first concern of privacy, favor to occupy the names and companies, no one who ignores the result. Then learn to work more than fill a number of content areas of expertise, hobbies, and gradually continued to receive the information with other people understand.

Can be seen, the opportunities, often provided from the number of people searching to find their information. The author in his own personal space Linkist put a lot of small achievements accumulated over the past. As with awards, certificates, everywhere, at this time, these past experiences are the ability to support themselves.

Look Linkist personal space is an interesting display of useful things, see if it can become a rich business people show the best tool for the self.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

McNealy: Sun China's embrace open source

November 18, had called the Sun IT fighter McNealy Chairman of the Board went to Beijing, has 53 years of age, he a little fat and it is also McNealy in April 2006 announced his resignation has been done 22 years after the post of CEO another visit to China two years, McNealy claimed that after leaving office will focus more on the Sun and the national government and academic relationships for the development of the China Sun McNealy has donated to the Ministry of Civil Affairs National Disaster Reduction Centre, modular data center , and the Ministry of Industry and CSIP (Ministry of Information Industry Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center) signed a memorandum of cooperation build open innovation laboratory, a series of cooperation with government departments, the outgoing CEO, after he proved the main direction of work, but Sun do need some confidence to the industry for themselves. When the financial crisis strikes, Sun also made a global decision to lay off thousands of people, and restructuring the software sector, this time as a Sun co-founder McNealy came to China to bring us?

The Chinese market, the next concern in open source

26 years, Sun at different occasions during the sermon, "open source strategy," and has its own product planning, a fairly complete open source frameworks, ranging from the operating system, database, office suite, until the cross-platform virtualization technology and language development tools, which include OpenSolaris, MySQL, OpenOffice, Java, Netbeans, VirtualBox (innotek), JXTA, Jini, Glassfish and so on. The current trip to China with particular emphasis on McNealy: "a considerable number of Chinese users have to understand the 'open source' and are using open source technology. However, I hope to convince more people to understand the use of open source technology."

November 19, Sun and Ministry of Information Industry Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center (CSIP) signed a Memorandum of Understanding Change MIIT_CSIP-Sun open innovation labs, before signing the contract, the Ministry of Information Industry and Deputy Ministers met Lou McNealy and said: "Open source is consistent with the scientific development of the law of software development models, it is China's industry and information industry, rapid and healthy development of a rare opportunity, I hope the two sides carried out in the open source aspects of closer cooperation." "open source "the ultimate goal is to open both sides are very heavy, CSIP Dr. Qiu Shanqin said in an interview:" CSIP before and Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, had set up laboratories, and laboratories will be set up with Sun technology known for, this experiment room main task will be to help China build the open source community as well as in green energy saving projects in the calculation of cooperation. "This laboratory will is technically non-exclusive, neutral form, are also welcome to join other companies, but China aims to open source community an "open" environment. It is reported that after signing the MOU, the two sides will also cooperate with follow-up, which CSIP responsible for promoting open source technology, and Sun through the input device to set up a test environment and provide related technical training.

Financial turmoil, Sun can not be spared

With the global financial crisis intensified, Wall Street remain always vigilant to live in Silicon Valley's IT giants feel the chill breezes, Sun storm in this array global job cuts announced in 5000 to 6,000, accounting for about 15 total staff % to 18% in response to the difficulties caused by the credit crunch. At the same time, Sun announced the company's software sector is divided into three business units, namely, application platform software sectors, departments and cloud computing platform and developer platform division, will focus on the promotion of open source technologies and emerging markets. The company's software business restructuring is Sun's own resources will be reallocated to make Solaris and hardware products can be reassembled in order to better integrate into the cloud computing, "Sun software restructuring does not have any impact on the business, if the impact if not more than three individuals, in particular the Chinese market will not produce any negative effects. "McNealy says. As the Sun stock price low, the industry has been spread to be acquired by Sun remarks, directed at this McNealy: "Sun can not prevent competitors rumors that Sun is to be acquired. But the Sun is a 20-year positive cash flow operations, the current Bank, 30 million in cash, and long-term large-scale investment in R & D investment over the past 20 years amounted to 26 billion U.S. dollars, an annual R & D investment in recent years, amounting to two billion U.S. dollars. "

The four-day trip to China, McNealy to their own evaluation is: "Well done very nice!", Except with the Chinese government for substantial cooperation, but also has called on China Mobile, China Unicom, China Petroleum and National Grid Soft and other large customers, and the time to visit Beijing University People's University students to communicate with the majority of speech, so that more people know about Sun's open source strategy. If commercial software and open source software are a contradiction, then Gates and McNealy is a pair of rivals competing for 20 years, "Gates to step aside now, and Microsoft, which is very successful, but the future Sun will be more successful! "McNealy said.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Christmas-Idea Flash to iPod MOV

Christmas-Idea Flash to iPod MOV is a professional video converter to convert almost all popular video/movie formats to iPhone MP4 format. The output iPod MP4 video files can be played on your Apple iPod. All popular video/movie formats are supported, including AVI, MPEG/MPG/DAT, WMV, ASF, MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, H264, MPEG4, AVC, MOV, QT, DivX, XviD, VOB, FLV, etc. The amazing output quality with super fast conversion speed is brough you by the built-in power MPEG4 encoder. All the output iPod MP4 videos fit your Apple iPhone.

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